Capturing life’s biggest moments with the #12PrintsProject & Posterjack

It’s funny, I was looking back at pictures of the girls from the summer the other day and I was shocked at just how much smaller and younger they both seemed to be.  Obviously Ava has changed quite a bit as an infant but the change in Keira shocked me.  She still looked very much like a baby/toddler in the summer and now she looks like a proper little girl.  Things change so much and so quickly it is easy to let it slip past without noticing.

12prints-logo-final-01Posterjack invited me to create a visual journal of my families best moments of 2015 with the #12PrintsProject.  I will be able to transform 12 photo memories into Posterjack prints – one for each month of the year.  What a fabulous way to document the year, especially with two young girls who seem to drastically change by the day!

I really can’t wait to share my families year with you in the art I will create with Poseterjack! is a Canadian online photo printing company based out of Toronto that turns your photos into beautiful artwork and delivers right to your doorstep.  I’ve had the opportunity to fill my walls with Posterjack prints but I will admit that I am a bit of a Gallery Frame print junkie!  Now i will have the opportunity to try out all the different mediums that Posterjack offers from metal prints to wood prints and beyond! 


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Ordering from Posterjack is easy! Simply upload your photo, select your product, choose your size and Posterjack prints your product and delivers right to your door.  They have flat rate shipping of $8.50 in Canada and free shipping on orders of over $150.


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3 thoughts on “Capturing life’s biggest moments with the #12PrintsProject & Posterjack

  1. Very cool! I’m interested to see you final product. I haven’t heard of Posterjack but I think I’ll go and check them out! Thanks for the share 🙂

  2. Sometimes it just hits you how much your children have grown, I remember taking our third child home from the hospital and the two older met us at the door. They were three and two, respectively, and they seemed huge after being away from them for a few days. I guess, most of the time, we don’t notice because we are with our children so much. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures. Your children are so sweet.

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