The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines


Rev your engines! Chuck and his friends — Digger, Handy, Rowdy, Biggs, Boomer and Flip — are back for more adventures, so get ready to throw fun into high gear! On January 13, 2015, Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios will release The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Rev Your Engines. The DVD features 10 exciting episodes as well as a bonus all-new sing-along, and has a suggested retail price of $12.99.

A group of assorted trucks has fun just playing around in this animated series for preschoolers that passes along plenty of positive messages in between the energetic escapades. Chuck, a turbo-charged, pint-size dump truck, is the star of the show and hopes to one day become a racing truck like his big brother, Rally. His other “friends for the long haul” include Handy, a tow truck with an assortment of tools at the ready; Rowdy, a garbage truck with a knack for getting grubby; and Boomer, a fire truck with the uncanny ability to sense trouble. Despite their carefree adventures, when these young vehicles get themselves into a sticky situation, they always manage to drive away from it with an important lesson learned.

Those are only a few of the ten episodes so prepare to spend some quality time with your four-wheeled friends!

With this DVD, you’ll receive 10 new and exciting tales that are guaranteed to have you learning, laughing, singing along and, of course, revving your engines with enjoyment!

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends series is currently airing on The Hub TV Network in the U.S. and on Treehouse in Canada.  

Episodes Include:

  1. Boomer The Snowplow
  2. Bridging The Gap
  3. Brother Borrowing
  4. Chuck In Charge
  5. Did You Hear?
  6. Little Big Chuck
  7. Sitter Shenanigans
  8. Special Delivery
  9. Speed Indeed
  10. The Bully

 Bonus Feature:

A Brand New Sing-Along!


We’ve never watched The Adventures of Chuck & Friends before but we soon all got into it.  The episodes are really sweet plus they are illustrated with vibrant eye catching colours that younger children and toddlers will love.  Plus… catchy songs you will find yourself singing along to by the time you hit the end of the DVD.




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  1. My nephew loves Chuck and Friends! So I am sure he will love this DVD, might have to try and find it for Valentine’s Day 🙂

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