Gift Smart this year with RadioShack #GiftSmart

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by RadioShack.  All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

 Gift Smart this year with RadioShack #GiftSmart


When it comes to Christmas Shopping there are a few different styles of shoppers out there.  The chronic procrastinator and the early bird.  The online shopper and the mall walker.  Those with carefully planned out shopping lists and those with no clue what to get.   No matter your shopping style we all want to shop smarter, and give gifts that will be loved.   This is why RadioShack wants to help you Gift Smart this year!

I was asked to check out two gift ideas from RadioShack as a small sampling of the large selection of interactive toys and innovative products they have curated to be a perfect fit for just about anyone on your list this holiday season.  Toys that encourage the development of STEM ( (science, technology, engineering & math) skills are definitely top gift ideas this year.   I am a big fan of the incredibly innovative STEM toys available from RadioShack including The Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter Play Set and the littleBits Premium Kit we were sent


Gift Smart this year with RadioShack #GiftSmart

The Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter Play Set ($19.99) is a wired building kit that can be used to build a helicopter, airplane or submarine or your child can use their imagination and use the pieces to design their own project since the pieces snap together in different ways.  This 44-piece set includes 24 furniture building pieces, 12 connectors, 2 arches, a switch, motor, battery pack, screwdriver, doll and pet – the parts necessary to build a spinning propeller and more.  How cool is that?  

I love that the Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter Play Set is obviously fun but what a wonderful way to help children develop their problem solving, spatial,  and fine motor skills; not to mention learning about basic circuitry!  I also appreciate that it is obviously geared towards girls which is so refreshing and a wonderful toy to empower girls (and boys!) to become more confident with technology.

The littleBits Premium Kit ($149.99) is the perfect gift for the creative person on your list.  It includes literally anything and everything you would need to design your own electronic project.  It also comes with a 9V battery, a custom-made screwdriver for fine-tuning, a vibeSnap to attach your Vibration Motor and a reusable case.

It also comes with a project booklet with 10 amazing projects and there are also hundreds of other project ideas online to get your creativity flowing.  This particular kit includes all that is necessary to build projects like a magic 8 ball, bubble maker and more since there are over 600,000 circuit combinations possible.  You can also expand on the kit since there is a large variety of different modules available at RadioShack.  What an amazing and unique gift idea!

Of course this is just a tiny sampling of all the Smart Gifts RadioShack has taken the time to curate for this holiday season.  Other cool ideas include drones, wireless headphones, bluetooth speakers and robotics starter kits.


Gift Smart this year with RadioShack #GiftSmart

 RadioShack offers not only high quality products but also affordable pricing at both convenient locations across the USA and online at  With their awesome price matching program there is literally no reason to bother going anywhere else especially with their new R Promise program which is a combination of services meant to create the smartest guarantees out there for shoppers.

Their Price Match Guarantee means that you can feel comfortable that you are getting the best deal possible by price matching on identical products from competitors.  All without having to waste your precious time doing pricing research or driving around to different stores to get the best price.

Plus with Ship 4 Free, if your local store is out of stock on an item on your list and it is available else in their inventory they will ship the item directly to you for free.

When it comes to payment, RadioShack offers multiple payment solutions to give you the option best suited to your lifestyle; talk about gifting smart!

 I don’t know if you have somehow missed the amazing Weird Al tv spot for RadioShack’s Gift Smart campaign, but here it is just because I love it and think it best sums up why RadioShack is an awesome place to shop for the holidays!



Is there a Smart Gift idea from RadioShack that sparks your interest?


33 thoughts on “Gift Smart this year with RadioShack #GiftSmart

  1. Oh that Littlebits kit would be perfect for my nephew and his kids. They are always coming up with some design or model. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to admit I didn’t do any shopping at Radio Shack this year but I really like the The Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter Play Set so I am going to have to think about maybe getting one of those to put under the tree!

  3. What a fun campaign! I love Radio Shack, we have one in next town over as our town one closed. I go there often during the holiday season for gift ideas!

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