Barbie™ Wishes from the Heart #Barbiewishes


‘Tis the season for giving, so from now through December 31st, Barbie is placing loved ones first by asking Canadian children to submit a heartfelt wish for someone special in their lives.

Barbie™ is inviting her fans to share their heartfelt wishes for those they care most about, and then share their wish with the world. With Barbie™, Anything is Possible, so she is asking girls to wish big! Since this is the season for giving, every time a wish is submitted and shared, $1 will be donated to Make-A-Wish® Canada to help the wishes of kids across Canada come true (up to $10,000).

Have your child to think of someone in their life who deserves something extra special, and then submit a wish on their behalf. Whether it’s a much-needed vacation for Mom, a chance for Dad to meet his childhood hero, or a day of pampering for Grandma, Barbie wants to know.

Barbie™ fans can submit their wishes to up until December 31st.   Once uploaded to Barbie my Dreams™, submissions will be sent to the user’s Barbie my Dreams™ registered email address. If the wish is not for the parents, they can then forward their daughter’s heartfelt wish to its intended recipient (for example, a teacher, an aunt, etc). After all, the Holiday season is really about kindness, selflessness and being together!

Canadians are also encouraged to spread social joy using the #BarbieWishes hashtag, and Barbie will donate $1 for qualifying posts to a maximum of $10,000.  Barbiewill also celebrate the season by granting one wish submitted online!

I decided to create and share my own wish for my two daughters on Barbie my Dreams™, although it is one Barbie won’t be able to (completely) grant! 



It’s nice to stop and think about other people during this season of giving so I am sure I will be asking Keira to make her own wish for someone.  After all, each wish made is another dollar towards Make-A-Wish® Canada and there is a chance to have your wish granted among other fabulous prizes up for grabs!

Read the full rules & regulations for full details.

What wish will you make?


38 thoughts on “Barbie™ Wishes from the Heart #Barbiewishes

  1. My Christmas wish would be that their be more peace, love and harmony in the world. We need to think of others and not just ourselves. War is such a terrible act and we need to talk more and fight less. I wish that sick people will feel somewhat better for the holiday season and enjoy their families! Families are so precious and we must try as hard as we can to realize how lucky we are to live in this great country of Canada!!

  2. Each of has wishes that we hope will come true, I keep mine closest to my heart and therefore a secret to others.
    Our priorities and needs change as we grow older but there are those who are truly in need. We can add a few more dollars to the kettle or donate something extra to the food bank in hopes that it might suffice.
    Well being for all

  3. we’re not canadian.. but i love that barbie is working with make a wish! 🙂 I used to love barbies as a kid and it’s really great to know these companies care about giving back.

  4. I love seeing a project like this with Barbie’s name attached, hopefully her well known name can help spread awareness. My wish would be for my son to happy, safe and healthy always.

  5. WHat a terrific idea and one of the reasons that Barbie has been around so long! They are always doing things like this and the Make a Wish foundation is an extremely good cause, they do wonderful work. Great that they are working together on this!

  6. This is a very wonderful part of Florida. I have only recently been there myself even though I have been all over Florida at some point or another. This is my new favorite and a place we will be going back to again and again!

  7. What an awesome cause indeed. It is awesome that Barbie is doing this with helping wishes come true. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am so happy to see this going on! I hadn’t heard of it before (even though I’m from Ontario) and i would be thrilled to participate in this campaign. I’m going to have all of my little ones send out their wishes tomorrow- thanks for bringing it up!

  9. My Christmas wish are we’re my family having a good holiday this year and also next year. I’m also have a wish to all people that have a good Christmas spread the love and blessings!

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