Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

18870333Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries: 101 Stories of Hope, Healing, and Hard Work by Amy Newmark, Carolyn Roy Bornstein, Lee Woodruff

Whether you are recovering from a traumatic brain injury or supporting someone with a TBI, this collection of 101 inspiring and encouraging stories by others like you will uplift and encourage you on your healing journey.

With a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurring every 18.5 seconds in this country – concussions the most common – chances are you have been touched in some way by this experience. TBIs occur due to accidents and sports, and are also common in returning soldiers. The personal stories in this book, by TBI survivors and those who love and support them, will help and encourage you and your family on your road to recovery.

Thankfully I have not personally been affected by a traumatic brain injury but I do know those who live with TBI’s.  This book was very eye opening and gives some insight into the lives of those affected by TBI’s and their families.  The stories are truly filled with remarkable people with just so much strength through the various trials and tribulations encountered because of the TBI. 

I suspect this would be an incredibly uplifting book for someone suffering from a TBI, and would likely go a long way to help them realize that they are “not alone”.  It offers some hope for a successful recovery and positive opportunities for those suffering from TBIs.

Chapters include “But you look so normal”, “Self-Discovery”, “Never Giving Up”, “Healing Power of Mother Nature”, “Acceptance”, “A Family Affair”, “Attitude is Everything”, “Coping Strategies that Work”, “Opportunity Knocks”, and “Making a Difference”.

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28 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

  1. My 19 year old daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident at the age of 3 years old. She still struggles to this day as the damage was on the frontal lobe, she has trouble with being impulsive and sometimes misjudging things and being naive. She is a great person and I am very proud of her, but this book would be great for her to know she is not alone.

  2. My son suffered from a TBI 2 & a half years ago! It has been a rough roller coaster ride, but we have made it to this point and we are taking life one day at a time!

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