808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones

808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones

Headphones are a necessity in a house with young children when one or both parents enjoy music styles that are not what you would consider child friendly.  We are always on the look out for headphones that offer excellent quality sound, affordable price, good bass and last but not least capable of noise-cancelling.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been putting a pair of new 808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones to the test.

The 808 headphone are available in gloss black, gloss white and matte black and features a foldable design that fits perfectly inside the included case along with the two kinds of detachable cables that are included: DJ-style heavy cable and duotone tangle-free flat cable with mic.

808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones

The pair we received was the glossy white which are just so perfectly sleek looking with a silver embossed 808 on the outside of the ears.

Comfort-wise the 808s do a great job with soft leather covered foam padding over the speaker cups and on the inside of the band.  They are just slightly loose fitting on me,  Anthony finds that they fit him pretty perfectly though.

808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones

When it comes to sound the 808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones really impressed me.  For $99.99 I honestly wasn’t expecting the crisp powerful sound they are able to deliver, easily comparable audio-wise to a pair at twice the cost.

I tested these out across a variety of genres as I like to listen to everything from Reggae and Dancehall to Classic Rock to Hip Hop and even a little Country now and then.  The bass is clear and loud but it also handles more complex sounds and ranges beautifully; the overall clarity is fantastic. 

808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones

Now for some stats I can’t even begin to understand without googling it, but may interest some of you out there:

  • Driver: 40mm (dynamic range)
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20kHz

So the verdict?  Worth every single penny, these headphones are great value thanks to the impressive sound quality they are able to offer.

808 Audio Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones are available to purchase online at  store.audiovox.com for only $99.99

26 thoughts on “808 Audio: Studio-Style Over-Ear Headphones

  1. oh these sound dang good for the price!! Mine are falling apart, I have Bose ..and I’ve had them for years but with the abuse and use of Miss K.. they are slowly falling apart. I’ve been looking at headphones the past few weeks. These sound like exactly what I need.

  2. I’ am sure you will get great use of these, if you don’t wear them for music they can be worn to keep out all noise, just for that 5 minutes of piece and quiet lol

  3. I need these for my partner!!! His hearing is perfectly fine, but from the way he watches movies, you’d think he was hard of hearing!

  4. Oh my goodness those are nice looking headphones. I just bought a pair for myself in the summer but if I hadn’t I would for sure be looking at these. Maybe I will keep this as a gift idea.

  5. Those sound like great quality headphones …. fantastic review. I use headphones for my work at home so looking for excellent quality when I need new ones. Thanks for sharing about them!

  6. These headphones are really nice! My sister is 11 and obsessed with headphones, I will have to look more into these!

  7. I’ve never tried expensive headphones, though my two oldest have and swear by them. These could be a good Christmas gift to get and put aside for one or both of them.

  8. Have not heard of this brand before, but my son (14) was looking over my shoulder and said “Cool!” So apparently these are cool! 🙂

  9. I really like those! Most of the time, headphones just seem to be too over the top looking but with poor quality. Glad to know these are quite the opposite.

  10. Thanks for sharing, As a mom of two teens, I think my kids would love these! They love to listen to their music all the time and sometimes I just don’t want to hear it!

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