Go “ON SAFARI!”™ with African Lion Safari #CAArewards


Class trips were always something I looked forward to.  The most memorable trip for me though was going to African Lion Safari.  It was grade 3 and I came home with great memories and a super awesome looking spear complete with feathers.  Honestly, I’ve never forgotten that trip, it was so fun and so exciting it really left a lasting impression.


African Lion Safari, located in Hamilton, Ontario, lets you get closer than you ever imagined to majestic lions, graceful giraffe, rhino and many more animals from around the world. Experience an adventure like no other as you drive through 9 km of safari trail in your own car or on an educationally guided Safari Tour Bus.  This truly “WILD” experience also includes a full day of family fun with bird & animal performances, boat & train tours!


I’ve really been looking forward to going back to African Lion Safari with my own family.  Keira is at an age now where she might not remember the trip, but she sure will be amazed by the experience of going on Safari at African Lion Safari.  She is all about monkeys right now.  Every time she sees one all I hear is “Ohhh!  A Monkey!  A Monkey!”  so I am pretty excited about visiting with her and seeing her reaction to all the animals roaming around.

I’m also thrilled for my husband to visit African Lion Safari too.  I know he will love the chance to see all the exotic animals roaming freely in the reserve up close from the safety of the tour bus.


The bonus is that as a CAA Member I can take advantage of CAA Rewards which include exclusive discounts and offers off of great attractions like African Lion Safari.  As a CAA Member,  If you purchase your tickets in advance at a CAA store you will receive 15% savings, or if you show your card at the gate you can still save 10%! 

If you do plan ahead and purchase your tickets at a CAA store you will receive an additional coupon for a 10% discount that can be redeemed at the African Lion Safari retail stores!

African Lion Safari is a fun family attraction that is ideal for a day trip that will leave young and old with fantastic memories.

Have you been to African Lion Safari?

Win it:

Enter to win a family pass (up to 5 people) to go “ON SAFARI!”™ on June 28th for the CAA African Lion Safari event!  Giveaway is open to Canadians only and ends on June 20th.  Winner is responsible for their own travel, expenses and accommodation. Winner must be able to attend on June 28th. See Giveaway Tools form for entry and full T&C.



38 thoughts on “Go “ON SAFARI!”™ with African Lion Safari #CAArewards

  1. I would love to watch the “Elephant Swim”! I’ve only seen them in water on t.v. and would love to see it in real-life.

  2. Oh my me and my family went Last year and my daughter LOVED it!! We want to go again this year too.. I love the tour bus, and watching the elephant swim.

  3. I love their new program ‘Wake up the Wild’! It will be a few years before my youngest is old enough to participate.

  4. My son would love to see the Elephant swim. Id also love to see the Giraffes. I went as a child, and still have the picture of my five year old self with a lion. It was a LONG time ago!!!

  5. Haven’t been there in years….didn’t know they had a scenic railway or the boat ride. That’s great, more for the kids to enjoy!

  6. I didn’t know they opened in 1969 and had a boat ride either. That’s awesome… can’t wait to go this year!

  7. I have never got to see an elephant swim in real life only on TV so that would be awesome experience with my family!

  8. We went to African Safari many years ago & I still remember seeing the elephants swim. Would love to see that again!

  9. I want to do the monkey car wreckage cruise, lol. I went when I was small and I just remember my dad was so mad at the monkeys. Oh family memories

  10. ******That they are celebrating their 45th anniversary and they have an elephant there named Maggie that is 40yrs old so she is one of the first elephants.******

  11. I love that your family can have the up close personal experience with animals and at the same time be educated on them……….. 🙂

  12. It has been so many years since we were last there – my son was only weeks old and is now turning 8 in September….I remember when we drove thru the enclosure, my daughter (then turning 4) squealing when she saw the lions all around us. We were the 2nd car to enter the enclosure that day, so feeding had just finished so all the animals were still active and right there for you to see…

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