A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

Bird Kingdom Niagara Falls

While we were in Niagara  Falls over the weekend we also stopped in at the Bird Kingdom.  It is just a quick walk down the street from the falls and Clifton Hill and is open year round. 

So I have to admit… I did it again!  I forgot my Canon EOS Rebel SL1 and had to borrow my sisters iPhone for my pictures the entire weekend.  Of course this means I will have to go back just to get better pictures.

The journey begins with a tour of the Old Museum which will send you back in time to the origins of the building that houses the Bird Kingdom.  Next up is the Explorer’s Base Camp which has been designed to let you get up close to exotic birds and reptiles. 

A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

The next stage of the journey is through to the Small Bird Aviary.  Keira was a little frightened at first by all the small exotic birds flying freely around her but soon got super excited and kept telling us about the birds.     

The next room is an exploration of the jungle at night and includes owls, bats, and reptiles.  Children can search for treasures from the past in an “Archaeology Dig” located in a sand pit.

A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

I loved that most of the birds were free-flying and not locked up.  I also enjoyed the fact that it was a self-guided tour so you could really take the opportunity to go at your own pace.  There is even a beautiful Javanese Tea House found in the Main Aviary should you want to refresh yourself with a delicious beverage while looking out into the rain-forest.

A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

Speaking of the Main Aviary, this was the next and last stop on the adventure!   It is the World’s largest free-flying indoor aviary filled with 400 exotic birds. representing nearly 80 species from around the world.  The birds get to roam around a 50,000 sq ft. rainforest which includes a winding path through the jungle for visitors, a 40 ft. waterfall and lots of plants, streams and ponds.

A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

The bird kingdom is home to many endangered and rare species.

A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

The Bird Kingdom’s walk-through & wheel chair accessible environment allows everyone the opportunity to experience the rainforest and all it’s creatures up close.

A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

An adventure awaits around every corner in Bird Kingdom’s Main Aviary!


15 thoughts on “A Tropical Adventure at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls

  1. Wow, we are seriously going to have to make some plans this summer to hit up Bird Kingdom and the Butterfly Conservatory! We had plans to visit Niagra since my children haven’t ever seen the falls yet. Thanks for the heads up on these neat places!

  2. That’s one place I have never visited for all the times I’ve been in Niagra, maybe I’m scared of getting pooped on..lol

  3. We’ve never been here and I can’t believe we have been missing this gem for all these years! What an experience it must have been to see all those birds!

  4. This place looks amazing! Love all the beautiful birds! Will definitely go here next time we are in the area!!

  5. The variety of birds is really beautiful,I would love to visit this place as I have always been amazed by birds since a child.

  6. So many times we have been to the falls, but have never been to the Bird Kingdom. This is one thing I have to put on my “to do” list for sure. I love nature and especially love these colorful birds. Your pictures a so lovely and now I am excited to go to this interesting place when the weather get nice in the spring. 🙂

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