Win Gold with Team Canada in’s #MyKindaGames Contest!

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The 2014 Winter Games are here and Canadians from coast to coast will be cheering on Team Canada as they compete.  Celebrate their successes with by competing yourself in the #MyKindaGames Contest!

To play just register on the contest page then make your best guess as to what medals Team Canada will win during the next day’s events.  You can login each day throughout the Winter Games to make your guesses!  If you guess 3 medals will be won and Canada wins those 3 medals you get 3 points.  If you guess 1 medal and Canada wins that medal, you get 1 point and so on.  If you do not match the exact winning medal combination, you get 0 points.  

The entrant with the most points (which relates to having the highest number of correct guesses) at the end of the Winter Games wins a generous prize determined by the amount of medals Team Canada takes home. will add $20 to the prize pool for each medal Canada wins – the prize pool could potentially reach over $600 depending on our teams success!

You can keep up with where you stand in the contest on the leaderboard which is updated daily at 10 am EST until the end of the Winter Games.

Win it:

This contest is open to all Canadian residents.  A prize of $20 per medal won by the Canadian team will be awarded to the person who guesses the most correct medals. The name of the winner will be announced at 8PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the final day of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games via Facebook and Twitter.  For full contest rules and details check out!  

Remember, the person with the most correct guesses wins, so for your best chance to win you should head to the contest web page and play to win right now!


Which sport are you most looking forward to during the Winter Games?



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