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When Keira was born at 29 weeks gestation I had gained 25 lbs and was hopeful that I’d be able to lose the baby weight quickly.  Unfortunately, despite my best intentions I was unable to lose a single pound right up to the point I found out I was pregnant with Ava.  I walked often, I breastfed, I ate healthily but the weight stuck. 

During my pregnancy with Ava I gained a total of 30 lbs and just a week after her birth I had already lost half the weight.  When I first weighed myself I almost didn’t believe it.  I had to weigh myself over and again several times before it sunk in.  Seeing that loss has really motivated me to get serious about losing the rest of the weight from both my pregnancies and getting back into shape through exercise.  My long term goal is to ensure that I don’t find myself struggling to catch my breathe chasing after two toddlers in a year or so.  Bonus if I feel comfortable getting into a bathing suit this summer!

The fact that Ava was born just a couple weeks ago means that I can use the New Year as a starting point for my own journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.  The New Year is the perfect time to do this, and I would love to have some of you join me in reaching your own fitness goals. 



The first step towards reaching your goals is to just write them down and try to keep it simple!  GoodLife Fitness and SportChek can help you get started with setting your goals when you take the “Your Better Starts Here Challenge”. 

If that doesn’t inspire you to get started, you can win up to $10, 000 in prizing from GoodLife Fitness and SportChek when you complete weekly challenges. Every-time you complete a challenge you will gain a ballot towards the weekly draw and will also be entered to win the Grand Prize. The more challenges you complete, the better your chances to win!

In week one I was challenged to set a fitness goal, clean my pantry, try a new outdoor activity, get in 15 minutes of walking and do a weekend workout.  My fitness goal is to lose my pregnancy weight and get back into shape.  I’m really excited to get started and continue on with the “Your Better Starts Here Challenge” each week!

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What are your Fitness Goals for 2014?

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To help get one of my Canadian readers even more motivated to reach their fitness goals,  GoodLife Fitness has generously provided a GoodLife Fitness swag bag prize pack that includes a one-month membership, t-shirt, and water bottle!  You may enter across participating blogs, but you may only win once.  By entering the giveaway you agree to sign up to GoodLife Fitnesses Newsletter.  Contest ends Jan 31st at 11:59 pm EST.   See Giveaway Tools form for entry and full T&C.



Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by GoodLife Fitness, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect GoodLife Fitness.


148 thoughts on “Get Happy & Healthy in 2014 with GoodLife Fitness #Giveaway

  1. My goal is to continue walking several times a week and add yoga and weight lifting to my routine (so, a couple times a week for both).

  2. My fitness goal this year is to walk more (which will hopefully also help me loose weight). I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds who could use some extra exercise, too.

  3. What is your fitness goal this year? I hope to continue to exercise. I do not care to lose much weight, I just want to get healthy.

  4. Well — 1. Have this baby that’s growing inside of me. 2. – Lose the baby weight I’ve gained with this pregnancy.

  5. I want to do any kind of exercise daily. I’ve had Zumba Fitness for Wii for a year and I’ve never even tried it once.

  6. I have always tried to keep myself in shape. I even head out in the cold to ski- but sometimes getting to the gym with the children’s schedule on top of going to work is tough. My husband recently became a spin instructor- im going to keep up with him!!

  7. I actually weigh less than before I had my girls but now I don’t have the muscle tone (and 6 pack abs) that I used to have. I would love to tone all over and maybe even get my 6 pack back.

  8. So many goals… lose weight/tone and eat healthier, of course, as well as photograph more (I used to do so more often), socialize more, and so on. The usual… hahhh.

  9. My fitness goal this year is to cut all sugars, and to increase my cardiovascular health in order to prevent the diseases I am genetically predisposed to!

  10. My fitness goal is to do water workout 2 times a week
    Yin yoga 1 time a week
    Go to the gym and use the exercise bikes 1 time a week.

  11. I need to make it a point to walk daily and I tend to have more problems doing this in the summer heat! I also need to work the upper body more.

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