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I’ll admit that since I moved out from my parents house I haven’t drank much milk.  I’d buy the 4 litre bags because it’s cheaper and drink a little and cook with it and then… it would go sour.  So then I thought… OK… I’ll buy Fine Filtered milk.  Same situation with just a little less waste.  So I gave up and stopped buying it. I know, I know…that is pretty bad since milk is such an important part of a healthy diet to help keep my bones strong.

Along came Keira though, I got pregnant and she self-weaned and I am back to buying the 4 litre bags of milk for her.  (Admittedly stealing some now and then to cook with.)

What would we do though if we go camping or on a road trip… or even if we are trapped inside due to weather?  Keira cannot go without her milk and thanks to Shelf Safe milk we do not need to worry about what ifs.  With milk packaged in shelf safe cartons and not requiring refrigeration until they are opened,  just like juice boxes, you can now take milk anywhere!


When I first heard about Shelf Safe milk I thought “Yuck, that doesn’t sound right!”  Once I learned about the process behind shelf safe milk though I quickly realised why it is the most popular way to drink milk in Europe.  The process doesn’t involve adding preservatives or other additives, rather the milk is flash-heated at ultra high temperatures to eliminate bacteria.  The milk is immediately put into shelf safe cartons to protect the milk from air and other contaminants. Its just pure, real milk, and just like regular milk, shelf safe milk contains 8 grams of protein and nine essential nutrients – calcium, A, D and B12, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin and zinc. 

Just like “regular” milk, shelf safe milk can easily be found at your local grocer.

Check out this video below for more information about the entire process behind shelf safe milk:

Since shelf safe milk comes in both larger cartons as well as single serving packages they are easy to stock up on without taking up fridge room.  You can keep them in your kitchen cupboard, in your pantry, sun cellar… pretty much anywhere.  Just chill if preferred as needed.  The single serving packages make it easy to carry nutritious milk around for your children (or yourself!) in lunchboxes, diaper bags, purses, beach bags and on and on.  Larger cartons are great to bring camping as you don’t need to worry about keeping it chilled, taking up precious room in your cooler.  

Shelf safe milk also makes a great addition to your emergency preparedness kit.  You just need to remember to replace it every 6 months.  How nice to know, especially if you have a toddler like I do, that no matter the inclement weather or situation, you can still ensure your child receives all the nutrition milk provides.


More info on Milk Unleashed: Milk Unleashed is a campaign to educate moms about shelf safe milk, the importance of dairy and easy ways to incorporate more milk into their families’ diets. The Milk Unleashed website is packed with information for moms on the go, nutritional facts about milk, plus promotions, contests and information about the various brands of shelf safe milk and where to buy. 


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8 thoughts on “Milk Unleashed: Have milk at hand no matter what #milkunleashed

  1. I need to buy some of this milk. I don’t buy fresh milk a lot but it never fails when I need milk for a recipe I never have any.

  2. I love using shelf stable milk for when we go on trips so that we can have milk fist thing in morning without having to worry about keeping it cold.

  3. I recently had some of this milk to try. No one in my family could tell the difference between this and our regular milk. We did like it better cold though but my son was happy with the chocolate milk whether it was cold or not.

  4. I’ve never tried this but I think it would be good on hand in case I ran out of fresh milk and couldn’t get out of the house to purchase more for some reason. It would probably be good to have in our earthquake kit as well!


  5. We aren’t big on milk in my household, as we prefer non-dairy alternatives, but this is definitely a great/useful product.

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