Mavi Gold Alexa Bootcut Jeans


I received a pair of Mavi Gold Alexa Bootcut Jeans from Mavi Canada to review.  It’s a mid-rise jean featuring a higher back – so no more mooning people every-time you have to bend down or kneel!

I have had Mavi jeans in the past and loved their durability and quality.  I’d still have them if I hadn’t outgrown them!  However, I wasn’t aware of what the Gold Collection was and I found out that the jeans in the new Gold collection features XFIT Lycra which is a truly revolutionary fabric that is able to stretch in all directions and features exclusive shape memory so you always get a “golden fit”.  

I really love the detailing on this pair of jeans.  The button on the front is black and jewel shaped and the pockets feature interesting stitching in a nice tan thread that works very well with the dark wash of the jean.  I also love that inside the jean is a really cute black fabric for the pockets with gold butterflies and dragonflies.  Although I’m the only one who can see it, I think its a cute little touch.

CIMG6237I did have to cuff the jeans at first as seen in the photo above because they are 34 length and I’m only 5’4″ – they have since been hemmed to fit lengthwise better. (They do come in different sizes, as well as styles so there is something for every woman from Mavi) I washed and worn these jeans several times now and find they look just as amazing as when I first received them.  (Washed in Cold Water, inside out and then hung to dry.)

What I love most about these jeans is the comfort and style.  They look great but they are also comfy enough that they’ve become my go-to pair of jeans – especially on casual Fridays at work when paired with a nice shirt and heels so I can still look professional.

When I asked about reviewing Mavi jeans by the PR & Marketing rep at Mavi she mentioned these were “The perfect pant for a busy mom!”  At the time that made me a bit worried that they would end up looking like the kind of jeans my moms generation wore/wear  (Sorry mom but yikes!)  These are truly anything but your moms jean, these are jeans for a new generation of moms seeking style and functionality.  

Are they the perfect pant for a busy mom?  They are for this mom!

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9 thoughts on “Mavi Gold Alexa Bootcut Jeans

  1. Will have to check them out, I recently just cleaned out all my “im so skinny” jeans that were giving me muffin top and grabbed a few new pairs of cropped jeans for the summer from the Gap … finding pants that fit me because I am smaller is hard I find many brands are so generic in sizing and not everyone that is a size xx is the same in shape lol! Do you know if Jean Machine would carry these so I could go try on a few?

    1. LOL I hid all those jeans away in the hopes that one day I might get back to my college days weight. (Yea right!) Yes, I think Jean Machine would be your best bet. They definitely carry Mavi!

      1. I have had them in there long enough I have finally realized my 30 year old body is not that of my 25 year old body lol! Thanks I’ll try my Jean Machine over the weekend see what I can find 🙂

  2. I used to have a pair of Mavi’s years ago and loved them. They were so comfortable! I will have to check them out again, as I haven’t worn any in a long time. Thanks for sharing 🙂 They look great!

  3. I’m shorter than you – only 5ft even – and have to hem every pair of pants/jeans that I own! Jeans with stretch and a mid rise are always a good thing for me even when they are too long.

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