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Stork Stack is a monthly subscription service that delivers hand-picked “Stacks” of amazing favorite products right to your doorstep. Each and every Stack is filled with $50+ of products, for only $28 per month. The idea is to help parents experience new brands and products from companies Stork Stack knows they will love. 

The theme for the April Stork Stack was “Go Green” – fitting for the month hosting Earth Day!


I love the box my stack came in – the packaging is just adorable!  I also love the information card included with the stork stack which details the theme of the month as well as breaks down the contents of the package including details about each product as well as MSRP for each item.

Here is what came in my box:



Green Toys: Stacking Cups ($11) 



There are 6 graduated cups included – each numbered from 1 to 6.  These are made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers and are free of BPA, PVC, pthalates and external coatings.  I thought it was interesting to learn that the cups are volumetrically accurate.  If you fill cups 2 and 3, for example. it will equal the volume of cup 5.  These are such a wonderful learning tool but most importantly – Keira thinks they make a wonderful toy.  She loves pretending to sip from them like cups or smashing them together over and over again in her latest effort to drive me crazy.

Apple Park: Organic Picnic Pal Finger Puppet ($12)


This finger puppet is adorable and made of only organic & sustainable materials – specifically 100% cotton, natural corn fiber and eco-friendly dyes.  This little finger puppet is so adorable that I am already looking into acquiring some of its buddies for Keira.  As you can see, she absolutely loves this little guy – although she doesn’t quite get what a finger puppet is yet. 


Green Envee: West African Shea and Calendula Children’s Lotion ($22)


This is a completely nut-free lotion which would make this an excellent product for kids or families with nut allergies.  The ingredients in this lotion include Aloe for soothing, lavender for its calming effect, and calendula for its skin healing benefits.  It is also vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. 

EcoSprout “Green from the Ground Up” Laundry Detergent ($2.95)


As a cloth diapering Mom I loved the inclusion of this detergent as it is safe for cloth diapers as well as sensitive skin.  It is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates and is 100% biodegradable.  Even if you don’t cloth diaper, this brand of detergent is a must try for those with babies and other family members who suffer from sensitive skin.

Clandestino: Banana Bar ($1.99)



This was included as a treat for mom – and a treat it was!  I had it eaten within 5 minutes of opening up my stork stack – of course I was sure to get a shot of it part way through eating!  So what is it?  It is a snack made from 100% Ecuadorian bananas covered in Dark Chocolate.  Those are also the only two ingredients as it is all natural and free of preservatives.

The April Stork Stack had a value of $49.94 and considering a subscription costs only $27.99/month, I’d say that’s a pretty goof deal!  The stacks do vary depending on the age and gender of your child. Both Keira and I loved the Stork Stack we recieved – it couldn’t have been more on target and we were both happy for the chance to check out some amazing companies as well as an amazing subscription service.

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products in order to facilitate my review.  As always all opinions and thoughts remain honest and my own.

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