Sweet Pea One Size Cloth Diaper and Cloth Diaper Cover Review

I haven’t had a chance to review a new cloth diaper in awhile so I was excited when I came across Country Cloth Bottoms.  Country Cloth Bottoms was founded by Petra, a WAHM, and is located in rural Alberta, but serves customers Canada wide.  As I’ve said before, I love to support Canadians and especially work at home moms.

Country Cloth Bottoms carries a wide variety of Cloth Diapers and accessories – Bummis, Applecheeks, Bum Genius, Flip and more.  I was sent a Sweet Pea One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper, a Sweet Pea One Size Cloth Diaper Cover, an Applecheeks insert as well as a sample of Laundry Tarts all-natural detergent in their Strawberry Shortcake scent.

Since I normally use just plain old Original Tide powder for my cloth diapers I had to strip all my diapers before using the Laundry tarts.  Not a big deal since they were getting close to needing it anyway.  I wanted to eat the detergent.  Yum!    

I first tried out the Sweet Pea One-Size Diaper Cover since I have a few diapers that require a cover and the cover I have isn’t the best to say the least.  I noticed right away that while the PUL of the cover is thick and durable feeling it is still a bit stretchy and is far from being stiff.  It also features snap closure with a crossover tab and an adjustable rise for better fit on smaller babies.

Pairing the Sweet Pea One-Size Diaper Cover with the Applecheeks insert folded into 3 layers made for a very trim fit on her which was great.  Of course with a cover bulk really depends on the diaper you put it over.   It also easily covered my bulkier fitted diapers too and would also work great with prefolds.

My favourite features though remains the leak protection provided by the double leg gussets and the wipe-clean interior.  The gussets provided a fit my other covers just don’t since Keira is so small.  (She is currently 15.8 lbs for size reference.)  The interior of the cover is so easy to just wipe down to use again and I love that.  Some of my other covers have to go in the wash after every use and it almost defeats their purpose so I love that I can just wipe it down and use again with another insert or fitted.

Since it fits most babies from 10 to 35lbs this cover is an economical investment at only $10.95 each and is available in a nice variety of solid colours along with a choice of several prints.  You get what you pay for does not apply here!  I am in love with this cover!

I was equally happy with Sweet Pea’s One-Size Diaper although the features are somewhat different.  Both the cover and the diaper have a smart elastic loop to make hanging for line drying an easier task. 

Like the cover, the diaper also features snap closure with a crossover tab and an adjustable rise.  I love that both have two rows of snaps at the waist that can move along 4 different size, it just makes for a better fit on a lean baby like Keira and indeed fits most babies from 8 lbs- 35 lbs.  The cloth diaper has a single leg gusset which still works great although I would have been more impressed with a double leg gusset like the cover has.  (See, now I’ve been spoilt by the cover!)

The inside of the Sweet Pea One-Size Cloth diaper is super soft micro-fleece with an outer of water-resistant PUL.  It includes two microfiber inserts – one is small and the other is adjustable via a row of snaps to fit large, medium and small to match the size of the diaper itself.  Even with both inserts used you can see that the diaper is still fairly trim looking. 

I love that the inserts have a Sweet Pea label on them to make matching them up easy when stuffing.  I think only my Charlie Banana insert has a label and I generally have to guess which is which with my other inserts.  I wish labels on inserts were just standard.

This diaper is a sleeve style pocket diaper which makes laundry just that much easier as the inserts will agitate out int he wash.  Who doesn’t love not having to touch a wet diaper insert?  Yeah, I’m not expecting to see any raised hands over that one! 

Connect with Country Cloth Bottoms for all your cloth diapering needs through their Website, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Buy it: 

The Sweet Pea One Size Cloth Diaper Cover is available for only $10.95 and the Sweet Pea One Size Cloth Diaper with Microfiber inserts are available for only $15.95 though through Country Cloth Bottoms.

While supplies last Country Cloth Bottoms is offering up a free old style zipper Sweet Pea Wet bag with any purchase over $40.

First time customer?  Use coupon code “GoCloth” and save 5% on your order!

Orders over $79 qualify for free shipping!

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products in order to facilitate my review.  This is a personal blog and all thoughts and opinions remain honest and my own.

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    1. Laundry Tarts Detergent Samples are currently in our SALE section! selling at $1.50!!
      They truly do smell like you could eat them
      Country Cloth Bottoms

  1. Shoot only allowed to pick one thing 🙂

    Probably the hemp or bamboo inserts then, curious what the absorbency is like

  2. I love that they sell the “Rockin Green” products.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  3. I am constantly looking for eco-friendly and safe products for my little niece! I absolutely love cloth diapers and this would be a wonderful additional to her collection!

  4. Visited Country Cloth Bottoms and another product I am interested in trying is their Applecheeks Starter Kit. A good way to see if cloth diapers are the way to go.

  5. I would like to try the All Things Jill- Peas In A Pod – Mother Nurture Nipple Butter. Nothing seems to work for me.

  6. I would be interested in the The Have a Taste! Program, I am due in September and have never cloth diapered a newborn before…

  7. We used these on our grandchildren when they came to visit, now with another on the way, we would like to start stalking up again.

  8. I love the Monkey Doodlez® Swim Diapers. Hard to choose, but I would have to go with the airplane because his grandfather is a pilot.

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