Dining out with my Family at Jack Astor’s #cbias

This Saturday just passed my family and I decided to head to Jack Astor’s for a family dinner.  We haven’t actually attempted dining out with Keira since was a couple months old and spent the entire trip sleeping.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from her now that she mobile, squirmy and very curious. 

So feeling a little nervous and unsure how welcome Keira would be we headed off to Jack Astor’s after first checking out the locations as well as the menu for the Jack Astor‘s at Sherway Gardens in Toronto. (Also note that by signing up to be a V.V.V.I.P. I was sent a $10 off coupon to print which is pretty awesome!)

Prior to even getting inside the restaurant I saw two other families with car seats in tow heading towards Jack Astor’s from the parking lot.  This felt  reassuring to see other parents with not only kids but babies too.

Our hostess got us immediately seated and before I could even get Keira out of her coat she had brought over a highchair.  Obviously my anxiety was over nothing because looking around I saw three other babies similar in age to her.  

I was further relieved when we were served quickly and efficiently.  No matter how good your children are behaving it can only last so long.  Kind of like a ticking time-bomb, and I know you know what I mean about that.  Essentially the quicker you can get in, eat and get out the less likely you are to encounter a tantrum.

Luckily no tantrums occured and all the children and babies around us were really well behaved and happy.

We ordered Thai Chicken & Vegetable Summer Rolls for an appetizer and boy were they delicious.  I’ll admit they are one of my go-to apps, the other being Jack’s Cheese Garlic Pan Bread.  So good!  They were done pretty quickly.

For dinner we both ordered Asian inspired food.  I was a little nervous about my Husband’s reaction to the food.  He can be pickier than a 4 year old and I never know how a meal is going to go over.  I have a feeling that feeding little Keira is never going to feel like a trial when compared to trying to feed him!

I shouldn’t have worried though, aside from the snow peas on his plate he inhaled the dish.  High praise indeed coming from him.

As we were leaving I noticed the waiting area was getting full looking and that a server was handing out pizza to those waiting.  I was so impressed with that, there have been many times I’ve spent in restaurants waiting and starving.  What a great idea!

I think now that we have gotten through our first family dinner there will be many more to come!  I am so pleased with how family friendly the atmosphere at Jack Astor’s was without making us feel like we were actually at a children’s restaurant.

Check out my Google+ Album for my pictures of my family and our dining out experience at Jack Astors.  Have you dined out with your family lately?

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26 thoughts on “Dining out with my Family at Jack Astor’s #cbias

  1. It’s Restaurant Week in my city so we actually fined out last night! This place looks super family-friendly and I think you had me sold with the Cheese Garlic Pan Bread!

  2. I love it when restaurants are truly family friendly! So many say they are but when you walk in with your rambunctious 3 year old (ok MY rambunctious 3 year old) you can tell by the look on their faces if they are truly kid-friendly.

    1. So true! I didn’t mention it in my post, and perhaps I should have, but the waitresses were really GREAT with the kids and babies. I was so impressed with the level of service we received.

  3. I have never been to a Jack Astor’s restaurant, saw one on a recent trip to Halifax but was unsure of the restaurant “style” so went elsewhere. After reading your post about how fantastic everything was on your visit, I will certainly be heading there on our next trip to Halifax!

  4. Wow! I haven’t been there in a years and I see they have had a face lift. Looks great, and the food looks phenomenal as well.

  5. It sounds like you had a fun family night out for dinner. It is great when you go to a place with great service and great food…. it just make the desire to return so much greater. Love the pic of the food.. yum

  6. Sounds like this is a great place to take the family! We don’t take my son out much these days because it’s hard to find a restaurant where I don’t feel worried about him disrupting things. And with food like that… I’m in! 🙂

  7. I really like that its family friendly and they serve you went you wait. I don’t think there are restaurants in the US that does that at all.

  8. We haven’t been to Jack Astors in so long! I always forget about it but it looks like a great place to take the kids 🙂

  9. Aw your little one is so adorable! We always took our kids out to restaurants. They usually do great and family friendly atmospheres really do make it easier. Plus the noisy restaurants make the sounds of us, be a bit drowned out lol

    Hoping to visit Jack Astors in London this Friday with my girls

  10. She is so adaroble! And hooray for the first outing to a restaurant. I have not been to Jack Astors in a long time… now you have me craving the Jack’s Cheese Garlic Pan Bread!! May stop in before our outing tonight to Disney on Ice.

  11. We often take the family to Jack Astors, the food is decent and the way I see it is that JA is super loud so my kids antics won’t bother anyone. Man that’s one adorable baby!

  12. Wow, sounds like a great restaurant! I’ve never heard of this chain so I’m not sure we have them here in western Canada, but my hubby and I like eating out so it’s always nice to hear about family friendly places to go. Thanks for the review!

  13. Love Jack Astor’s! We’ve taken our boys there quite a few times. The Lettuce Wraps appetizers are my favorite.
    I think the key to going out with kids is all timing and restaurant choice. If you eat your meal early (as kids do) people expect to see kids there. At 11pm, not so much!
    So glad you had a great experience.

  14. Dont believe there are any Jack Astors in my neck of the woods but Im impressed with what you reported. I have never seen a restaurant serve appys to waiting guests!

  15. Jack Astors isn’t my go-to place for casual dining, but I never have a bad experience when I do go there.

  16. I had to take my computer into London and it was going to be a little while till we were going to get it back, and there was a Jack Astors right there so my hubby decided we should go in have a bite to eat and wait for our computer, I on the other hand was like we are not dressed up or ready to go out and eat with the way it looks on the outside a fancy rest.. Well we went in and I was amazed the service was great and so was the food, and there was tons of kids in fact there was a birthday party going on for a seven year old. So I now know when we go back to London that is probably where we are going

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