DK Canada Books make great Preschool Gifts!

DK Canada Books under the Christmas TreeBooks are the ultimate gift for preschoolers.  They (mostly) don’t make a lot of noise and are a fun way to spend time with your child while investing in their future love for reading.  

Babies can enjoy a book too, even if they are unable to focus on the pictures or understand the words – they do enjoy the sound and tone of your voice as you read to them.  What a wonderful way to bond!  Babies also love to help hold and chew on board books. 

DK Canada has a wonderful assortment of preschool books in their collection (,along with books for every age,)  that would make great gifts.  DK Canada sent us a lovely assortment of board books for Ages 0-2 to review.  

What I love in general about these books is that they aren’t just simple board books with a picture and a word like most of the board books we already have.  They are engaging and fun for both little one and parent and clearly encourage early learning beyond just associating a  word with a picture.

DK Canada - Christmas Peekaboo

Christmas Peekaboo – Babies love playing peekaboo from about six months onward—and once they latch on to this simple game, they can’t get enough of it! DK’s Peekaboo books make the most of this fun interactive activity with flaps that open to reveal appealing babies and toys. 

Keira loves playing Peekaboo, and this book is no exception judging by the giggles and leg kicking when I read her this book.  She loves feeling the textures as each hidden character is revealed.  Now that we’ve read this book together a few times she seems to know that the “Peekaboo” is coming and gets excited in anticipation for the reveal. 

DK Canada - Noisy Peekaboo Roar! Roar!

Noisy Peekaboo Roar! Roar!Noisy Peekaboo takes DK’s popular Peekaboo books to the next level by filling them with sounds that will captivate and delight toddlers with a new noisy surprise after every turn of the page. From a roaring lion to four other noisy wild animals, Roar! Roar! has five fun sounds hiding under colorful flaps.

This is another wonderful peekaboo book Keira clearly enjoyed.  I found she began to quickly anticipate the sounds under the flaps.  We have a lot of fun reading this book together as we search under flaps for the missing items.  

DK Canada - Little Hide and Seek WordsDK Canada - Little Hide and Seek Animals

Little Hide and Seek Words & Little Hide and Seek Animals – Following DK’s large, hardcover format Hide and Seek books, comes the new Little Hide and Seek series: smaller (and more sparkly!) board books in the “I-spy” series. These sturdy books are perfect for preschoolers to hold, and an engaging character is hiding somewhere on every spread, ready to help toddlers along. Each book also features a special surprise at the end: a big pop-out page with an amazing, extra-challenging hide-and-seek scene to pore over.

With so much to look at and talk about, these books offer hours of “I-spy” fun. The hide-and-seek activity is perfect for developing language skills and picture-and-word association, as well as practicing children’s recognition of color and shape, and encouraging counting and number skills.

Keira is a bit young to really play along with these two books, but we still have a lot of fun as I read and point out all the “hiding” objects and animals.  These two will continue to be a lot of fun as she learns to recognize the words.

DK Canada - Zig Zag ColorsDK Canada - Zig Zag Trucks

Help find the missing items!

Zig Zag Colors and Zig Zag Trucks – In this accordion-style book, simple story lines contain characters searching for missing items and each story leads to a hidden frieze at the end of the book, where all the objects are revealed on one colorful fold-out.

These two are just adorable board books. From ribbon tying them closed, to fun little rhymes to the sweet characters – they are just special from front to back.  I wish I could have captured the wonder on Keira’s face the first time she saw the accordion pages fold-out. 

Check out DK Canada and check out the newest books available for your little ones (and yourself too!).

Do you have a future little book worm on your list?  What books are gong under your tree?

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products in order to facilitate this review.  This is a personal blog and all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

13 thoughts on “DK Canada Books make great Preschool Gifts!

  1. I love getting and giving books for kids. Its a great present idea, for sure. You can never have enough in my opinion. Especially kids books that take 2 minutes to read.

  2. SO true! My little one adores books, and as a teacher, I give books to all my nieces, nephews, and to little one’s friends. Last Christmas, my 5 year old nephew said, “Auntie Christine, how come you always give us books?” LOL!!! I was shocked! Too funny!

  3. We loved reading to our kids when they were little, they were so totally enthralled with every word! Our kids are no longer little but we always tried to instill in them a love of reading and I think it worked…today, as adults the both love to read and Santa still brings them a book or two each Christmas!

  4. Those look like great books! My daughters (ages 4 and 2) enjoy books. I love walking into the living room and finding them sitting by their bookshelf, books spread around them, as they quietly turn pages and “read” to themselves. They still like it when I read to them too, of course. 🙂

  5. We are big readers here at my house. i have always read books to my kids and now my grandson and great grand daughter too. They learn so much from books. My grandson loves the you can find kind of books and anything to do with cars , trains or trucks. They are really wonderful books for them to explore , learn from and have fun all at the same time. Cant go wrong with any of these books shown above – there all great books

  6. I have always been big on reading and want to find ways to make it fun for my little ones, any new books that they might love are a treasure find for me, thank you!!!!!!!

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