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Rearz is a Canadian brand based in Kitchener offering cloth solutions for both Baby and Adults.  I was sent a Red Smitten by Rearz fitted cloth diaper with Snap Closure for review.  I requested the Medium because Keira was just reaching the lower spectrum for a medium at 10 months old so it should probably work for us until she is potty trained.
The Smitten is a Velour cotton diaper featuring a pocket opening for easy boosting, tongue-style insert, and cross-over snaps for lean babies.  It is also coloured with certified organic dyes.  Since it is a fitted it does require a waterproof cover.

I was a little concerned that because Keira was just at the bottom of the size range for a medium as well as being very lean it might not fit her properly.  Thanks to the crossover tabs though I found we were able to get a perfect fit.  The legs and back of the diaper are elasticized to help keep messes in the diaper.   

As you can see above we certainly did have to use the crossover snaps but you can see that despite how lean and tiny she is we still got a really good fit and the elastic was perfectly tight around her legs.  

I wouldn’t say that The Smitten is the trimmest diaper we have ever had, as a matter of fact it definitely seems to add a bit of ‘junk in her trunk’.  This is a bit of a plus for us though as it allows her to wear pants that otherwise fall down.  Nonetheless I had no issue finding a cover in my stash that fit over it.  This may also be due to her being so small, a larger baby may find this to be a trim diaper.

We tried it out for day use first to get a feel for the diaper.  I left the tongue laying flat on the inner of the diaper and did not stuff the diaper.  Keira must have had a huge pee because after three hours there was just one spot near the front of the diaper that had entirely penetrated through.  There was no leakage through the cover though so that was perfect.  

Next was the night time trial.  Rearz states on their website that the Smitten is “suitable for night time use” so I definitely wanted to see just how suitable.  They also suggest stuffing the pocket with boosters for night time.  I decided to instead stuff the pocket with the tongue and lay a microfiber insert inside.  This worked out perfectly, no leaks through the cover and a poop was completely contained by the elastic at the legs. The microfiber insert also helped to keep her bottom dry as it wicked the moisture away.

I threw the diaper in the wash without touching the tongue at all after the first nighttime use.  I was hoping it would agitate out in the wash and was happy to find it had.  Nobody really likes touching pee soaked inserts so this was great.  This strategy worked so well it’s become my routine way of using this diaper.  I also found that it was super quick to dry thanks to the tongue style insert.

The stitching around the edge of the diaper is thick and tightly sewn making it very sturdy.  I didn’t notice any stray strings even after several washes.  Speaking of several washes, do you see how vibrant the red is?  It has not faded in the slightest from brand new to washed 5-6 times. Still speaking of several washes, the inner and tongue has retained its fluffy softness quite well.
Something else that I kind of love about The Smitten (in red) that I thought was maybe unintentional but super cute… it looks like a Lobster! 
Available in Small-X-Large Sizes

Small 6-15lbs, Waist range: 8″-18″, Thigh range 4″-11.5″, Rise Range is 12-15″

Medium 14-22lbs, Waist 10″-20″, Thigh 6-14″, Rise 13-16.5″

Large 23-40lbs, Waist 12″-24″, Thigh 7-16″, rise 15.5-19″

X-Large 40+ lbs, Waist 16″-28″, Thigh 10-21″, rise 17.5″-24″

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The Smitten is available in both snap and aplix closures in a 5 pack for only  $69.99
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11 thoughts on “Smitten by RearZ Review

  1. although we use pocket diapers, i do love learning about everything cloth. you may say i have a bit of an addiction…
    thanks for sharing!

  2. You little one is adorable! I never used cloth diapers with my little ones, I don’t know why not, they save money for sure. I know a couple of friends with little ones that might be interested in Rearz, thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh these are so cute! I`m past the diaper stage but my sister is due in Feb and is going the cloth diaper route so I`ll share this with her.

  4. I’ve tried Rearz before but not with much luck….When the twins come I’ll give them another a go as I seem to be the only one that had leaks! They do look great and I love cloth diapers.
    Great review!

  5. I’ve never had any experience with cloth diapers. All the diapers I have changed on my own daughter, as well as the other children over my life I have changed, have all been disposables. These look really cute and functional though. My baby is due on the 23rd this month, and this might be something I try out! Thank you for the review, especially for including so many pictures, I love that! =)

  6. We don’t use their diapers anymore, but they were a great fit at the time. Still have tons of the cloth wipes. Love’em!!

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