Cloth Diaper Care (Preparation)

Ok, so you’ve picked out some cloth diapers you like and you are ready to go now, right?  Nope!  Now you need to pre-wash all your fluff before use. 

Every manufacturer will have their own variation of pre-use care but why not keep it simple?

So, as I was saying, pre-washing.  That is your next or I guess first step.  Why do you need to pre-wash?  Well think about it working the same as when you get those brand new bath towels.  How many of you have tried just using them instead of running them through the wash once?  Right.  Unlikely you made that decision again.  From my own experience what happens is this new towel works quiet well at moving the water around on you but not so effective at soaking up the water.  Cloth diapers work the same way and will only repel water if not properly cared for before first use..

To ensure maximum absorption and the removal of all chemicals used in the manufacturing process it is best to pre-wash through a minimum of 3 cycles although some manufacturers will say only once is enough.

To start use 1/4-1/2 the amount of detergent* you would normally use in a load.  Run a second rinse cycle.  Dry the diapers.  (Air-drying will extend the life of your diapers but it is safe to dry on low in the machine.)  Then repeat a minimum of 2 more times.

*Ensure your detergent is cloth diaper safe or made for cloth diapers.

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