Baby Grab Ball – Free Pattern

After posting my Wordless Wednesday post this week, and when I posted to my mommy group, I got a lot of comments about the ball.

My ball was originally made by Great Aunt Audrey as a gift for me when I was a baby.  It obviously was well made as it survived so long.  These balls are great for baby to grab and play with long before they can even sit up and are amazing for helping them to develop many different skills.  They are also easy to clean.  Just throw in the wash with your load of towels or blankets and then allow to air dry.  This is best to do in the summer when you can sit it outside in the sun.

I found a great pattern and sewing guide for a similar grab ball and best of all it is free!  Here is the guide and Here is the pattern.

12 thoughts on “Baby Grab Ball – Free Pattern

  1. That looks wonderful for young babies! Have you seen any like this actually for sale? (Unfortunately I’m not exactly a qualified seamstress!)

    1. With the tutorial, it is really easy! I have gotten several people making simple baby balls and little pumpkins who thought they could not sew. Love learning new tricks!

  2. I google plused this. What a great freebie! I could still make these for my niece and new baby on the way. Yay! Thanks. I love heirloom
    Toys thatladt.


  3. Thank you for providing the pattern. I misplaced my pattern in our last move. I was about to take part of one of my balls apart to re-make the pattern. Love to make these for gifts.

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