4 Easy Ways to Save Big On Your Telecommunication Bills!


4 Easy Ways to Save Big On Your Telecommunication Bills!

Did you know that according to Statistics Canada “Households spent an average of $1,731 in 2010 on communications. This included an average spending of $388 for Internet access, $511 for landline telephones and $731 for cellphone expenses.”
Where does your household fall in spending?  Do you want to cut your Telecommunication bills considerably while maintaining your current services?
This should be an obvious way to save yourself some money.  If you aren’t bundling your services it is kind of like going to McDonalds for a hamburger, Wendy’s for fries and Burger King for a coke.   You end up spending far more than you need to!
Read your Bill
Let me start this off by saying that I have worked for two different telecommunication companies in the past and it never failed to blow my mind just how much people were wasting by not reading their bill.  People paying $20 a month on unlimited long distance for years meanwhile they make little to no long distance calls was the biggest one.  The next big one I saw was people on old, overpriced and useless packages for their services.  Get online to your companies website and go over their current packages now and then and see if there is a better package out there.  Call customer service now and then and ask if they can save you any money on your bill while still maintaining your current features.
Shop Around and HAGGLE
A huge way to take a chunk off your bill is called the Retention Department.  I definitely recommend going this route as long as you are not currently in a contract.  First you need to shop around.  Take a look at what other telecommunication companies are offering for a similar package.  Then call customer service and tell them you are considering switching and you want to talk to their retention department to see if they can do anything to keep you with them.  You will almost certainly be given a much better deal on your current services without the hassle of actually switching.  Just keep in mind that you need to threaten to cancel rather than just ask for discounts and be nice about it.   If you do decide to switch companies keep in mind that many companies actually require a 30 day notice of cancellation.
Cut back on your limits
Do you really need 120 GB bandwidth on your Internet services per month?  Do you really need 2000 daytime minutes a month?  How much do you really use?  If you are using on average far less than your limit and you never come close to that cap why are you paying for such a high limit?  You can easily reduce your bill by going over your usage and reducing your limits to something more realistic.  If your usage isn’t on your bill you can call in to your provider and ask for a few months information on usage.
Once you have gone through this list let other readers know just how much you have saved monthly!

10 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways to Save Big On Your Telecommunication Bills!

  1. Oh, I’m sure my family could save some money if I would sit down and take some time to do some of these things. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Awesome tip about the long distance, since we all have cell phones we are going to consider losing the home phone altogether.

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