Don’t Sweat it. Handle it with Lady Speed Stick Power!


Lady Speed Stick* Power TM/MC provides long lasting superior protection† to help women feel dry and unstoppably fresh, so that you can handle any sweat inducing situation you may encounter!

LSS12COL5077 LSS Power 45g CoolBreeze_HRI had the opportunity to try out both the  Cool Breeze fragrance as well as the Fresh Fusion Gel – although it is also available in Powder Burst and Satin Pear for a total of 4 diffeent fragrances that will all keep you feeling fresh from morning to night.

I tried the Fresh Fusion Gel first because I was curious about it as I’ve never used anything but traditional stick deodorants.  I have to admit I didn’t like the cold wet feeling at first but found it quickly dried and I was able to dress without transferring any white streaks to my shirt.  I really like the scent of this deodorant which is important. I often find myself able to smell my deodorant throughout the day and on occasion I’ve had sticks where the scent just turned my stomach so the scent is just as important as the effectiveness of the deodorant.  

I also enjoyed the Cool Breeze Fragrance, and loved how smoothly it glides on.  Both products proved to be very effective to me and were a nice change from the usual.  Clearly I need to break up with my old white residue leaving deodorant and get with these invisibles!  LSS12COL5077 LSS Power 65g Gel Fresh Fusion_HR

I was really impressed with how well Lady Speed Stick power offers protection against sweat when I found myself in the situation of having to single handedly turn a boardroom into a training room this past week on 30 minutes notice.  There is nothing like the stress of having to figure out how to setup 10 laptops in a room with only one power outlet  with only limited wireless connection available. Eeep! 

Thankfully I survived feeling confident and smelling fresh thanks to Lady Speed Stick!

Don’t Sweat it.  HANDLE IT!

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Disclosure:   This is a sponsored post compensated by Colgate, however all opinions are honest and my own.



  1. Victoria Ess says

    Thanks for the review — I love LSS! Hope the room makeover worked out (without becoming too much of a fire hazard!!)!

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