Fresh Nail Art for Spring and Summer



Spring has been slow to come this year, at least here in Ontario, anyway.  There is nothing like a new hair cut and freshly painted nails to welcome the spring and the new life coming up all around us.  These tutorials by some super talented people should give you plenty of ideas for some hot new nail art for this coming season!



Mint, Pink, Spring Nails by The Crafty Ninja



Psychedelic Swirls by LuxMobile


Sunset Nails by pshiiit

how to

Paisley print by One Nail to Rule them All



Ice Cream by pshiiit


Vintage Rose by Did My Nails



Spring Has Sprung by Lucky Girl Beauty


  1. Debbie Bashford says

    I love all the new nail art, I can only do one hand though a when I use my less dominant one, it is shakey and unpredicatable

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