MrGreen 100% Natural Eco-Friendly Products Review

When you bring a baby into your family for the first time you start to rethink a lot of things.  For us, it is our dependency on harsh chemical air fresheners to remove odours from our house.  We didn’t really think much about what we were breathing in when it was just the two of us but now that we have a baby I worry about many of our household products and how they may affect her.

When I heard about MrGreen Spray Away Odour Eliminator I was really interested in trying it out to see if it would compare to our usual brand.  

According to the product information “MrGreen Spray Away does not contain chemicals, bacteria or perfume and is manufactured using 100% natural ingredients.”  Just knowing that makes me a whole lot more comfortable using it around the house, even in her nursery around her diaper disposal system.

It is nice to know I can finally liberally spray down the area around her diaper pail without opening the window or worrying overly much about the spray contacting surfaces she might suck on hours later or even wondering how much chemical vapours she might be inhaling later on.  

After testing the Spray Away with our garbage, diaper pail, the cat’s couch, and our sometimes musty smelling basement I was more than satisfied that it could effectively treat the worst of our household odours.  What is really wonderful is that it doesn’t cover odours with a heavy scent but actually eliminates the odours leaving behind a light, barely noticeable lemongrass scent.  

Spray Away is available for sale in four unique scents:  Unscented, Lemongrass, Soft Cinnamon and Tropical Breeze.

I also had the opportunity to try out MrGreen‘s PDT (Pipe, Drain and Tap) treatment.  According to their website, “MrGreen PDT is an all natural pipe, drain and trap maintenance product that cleans piping and drainage systems and accelerates the breakdown of waste while eliminating odors.”  It should be noted that it is meant to maintain clog-free pipes and is not a clog remover. 

Thanks to the way a certain someone treats out drains (as in dumping oil down the drain, food, hair etc…) we often get clogs and treating them gets old fast.  (Not to mention expensive and stinky.)

I used MrGreen’s PDT with our Kitchen and Bathroom sinks since they are they worst by farThat was 3 weeks ago and so far so good!  Everything is flowing nice and quickly down the drain, generally by now our drains would have started slowing down a bit if not completely clogged so I am really happy with this treatment and plan to continue to treat our drains with MrGreen‘s PDT.  I love that it doesn’t have a harsh chemical scent and is easy to use to maintain our clog-free pipes!

Buy It: MrGreen is available to purchase at Canadian TireHome Hardware and

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products in order to facilitate this review.  This is a personal blog and all thoughts and opinions remain honest & my own.


  1. Brenda Penton says

    I like that MrGreen products do not contain chemicals, enzymes, or bacteria and are EPA and ECOLOGO approved

  2. Vesper Meikle says

    learned that the Canadian government has classified SciCorp products as being a safe and environmental choice within our industries.

  3. says

    I like that MrGreen products do not contain chemicals, enzymes, or bacteria and are EPA and ECOLOGO approved!! Everything for our mother earth!! :)

  4. says

    I saw a product there called MrGreen Grass and Root Fortifier. It sounds a lot better than some of the chemicals people put on their lawns to make them look nice. I think it would be worth a try and it would be better for the environment.

  5. Lori Bazan says

    I learned that MrGreen products do not contain chemicals, enzymes, or bacteria and are EPA and ECOLOGO approved.

  6. says

    Our downstairs reeks of urine and stale cigarette smoke from a friend of a friend who got drunk and stayed down there and now we can’t get rid of the smell hopefully this odor eliminator could do it. Thank you for the giveaway

  7. Anonymous says

    I learned they are Canadian and thats awesome.I lik e that the Hr,Green Spray away comes in Lemon grass scent smell.I think that would smell great.Thank you for this.Wanda Tracey

  8. Tammy D says

    I learned that they are a canadian company that and their products are made with natural and eco friendly products!

    rafflecopter name tammy dalley

  9. says

  10. Anonymous says

  11. Anonymous says

    I like that all of their products are environmentally friendly and 100% natural.

    Donna L.
    naloe@hotmail dot com

  12. Rebecca S. says

    I just learned 90% of our time is spent indoors. EPA reports that air pollution is up to five times higher inside than outside.

  13. thriftyskgirl says

    One of the first things I always look for in a product is if the line is Ecologo approved, which all of the MrGreen products are! With no perfume added I also know it is safe for my skin & pets. But the thing I am really impressed by is that research has shown there is “No hazards anticipated from ingestion”, so if my little one somehow got a hold of it the consequence would be a belly ache, not poisoning.

  14. says

  15. says

    The Canadian government has classified their products as being a safe and environmental choice within their industries. This is a good sign that these products are benign.

  16. says

    SciCorp International Corp vows to be the leading environmentally responsible retail supplier of odour elimination, and septic management products.

  17. says

    I don’t think all chemicals are ‘bad’. In fact I would argue that this product is made of 100% chemicals. Water is a chemical compound – H2O. So although I would love a free sample, I’m conflicted because I already can’t trust this company let alone deliver a useful and environmentally sound product. Just stop saying ‘chemical free’, it’s nonsensical and makes you sound silly.

    • Elizabeth FrugalMomEh says

      Hi Crystal, since the chemical free part was a direct quotation from the company itself (see the quotation marks around that sentence?) I will have to disagree with you that it makes me sound silly, but hey, thanks for the Grade 5 science refresher?

  18. andalene says

  19. bbrittbrat1398 says

  20. Michelle says

    Im one to always have scented candles burning. I use sprays to refresh the air in my home. But when I seen a natural product I could use I thought great. I have small indoor pets and I CAN SPRAY AND NOW THEY WONT BE HARMED. wHAT WAS THE CLINCHER FOR ME WAS YOU HAVE CINNIMON FRAGRANCE,. I have a rollon perfume that’s cinnamon and love the fragrance. I hope I win.

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