Bring Back the Paper Magic with The Paper Doll Chick

The Paper Doll Chick, created by Megan Horsfall, produces darling little paper dolls as well as stationary and an assortment of other cute products. She aims to “encourage little girls with the values of old; exaggerated femininity yet also with the “can do” strength of today’s modern life. The Paper Doll Chick believes in the importance of equipping children with wholesome, educational and creative activities that enable constructive and delightful play time for precious little minds and fingers!”

I can remember far back into my childhood visits to my grandparents and afternoons filled with playing with paper dolls  and puzzles.  Those days are now long gone, and I thought paper dolls had gone the same way.  I certainly have not seen any good qualities ones in a long time.

I was sent “Rosie” to review – she comes with two beautiful printed cards featuring eight outfits for her to dress up in.The first thing that struck me was just how vibrantly coloured Rosie and her outfits were.  I think they would look super cute simply framed as is and hung on the wall.  Once I removed the two cards from the packaging I found the cards were printed very professionally on sturdy card-stock.  She is definitely built to last longer than the dolls of my childhood. 

The Paper Doll Chick offers free printable practice cutting sheets to help your little ones improve their fine motor skills and coordination before tackling these precious dolls.  

Once I had cut Rosie out, plus some of her outfits and her stand, it was time to get down to the real fun – getting her dressed up!  Everything fit her perfectly and sat as it should which is a true testament to just how well made these little paper dolls are.

Paper Dolls from the Paper Doll Chick would be perfect under the tree for any little princess.  Rosie and the other dolls can be purchased directly from The Paper Doll Chick!

Disclosure: I was provided with the above mention product in order to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


  1. says

    This is incredibly timely… my mom and I were just discussing that we missed simple toys like paper dolls. I used to play for hours with mine; dressing them up, walking them in runway shows, and even creating new cut-outs using the original outfits and coloring my own new designs.

  2. Stephanie Larison says

    These are so cute! I remember playing with these when I was a little girl. It’s nice to know my daughter has a way or chance of playing with them too! I love all the classic things they’re bringing back for kids today.

  3. says

    Paper dolls, Oh my word! I am so glad to see these back! I need to order them for my Gandaughter! Thanks for the informnation and Great review!
    Happy Holidays,

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    oh, this brings back fond memories, I used to love playing with these. I didn’t know they were still out there. I wonder though if today’s children will enjoy them as much as we did as children.

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