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It is the beginning of the Holiday season, and many people, including myself, are in the throes of list making and gift shopping.  Some of the people on my list are easy to shop for and some get gift cards for shops I know they love.  I love to make sure everyone gets something they actually want.  The only problem with giving gift cards is actually having to face the crowds and go store to store to pick them up. This year I have found the perfect solution and will be buying all my gift-cards at

Buying Gift Cards allows you to buy and sell gift cards from a variety of popular retailers.  When buying a gift card you pay only for the face value of the card itself, just like you would at the store, but you also earn “SwapPoints” on each purchase. SwapPoints can be accumulated and then be redeemed in exchange for more gift cards or cash back.

As an example of how this works see below.

You can purchase this particular Canadian Tire Gift Card for $60.00.  It has a $60 value and you pay no fees and get free shipping.  On top of that you get 153 SwapPoints added to your account.   Keep in mind that the number of points awarded varies from retailer to retailer and increase with the value of the gift card.  To give you an idea of the value of SwapPoints, 1000 SwapPoints will get you a $10 gift card from CardSwap.

To purchase a gift card from simply login (or sign up) and then click Buy.  You can then browse all the available cards or narrow it down by category to find just the right card.  I found CardSwap has a really good selection of popular retailers like Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons, Winners, HBC, and many more.  Once you’ve found the perfect gift card just select and hit add to cart.

The entire process was quick and easy and I love that they accept both INTERAC online as well as Paypal on top of the usual Credit Card option for payment.  Once my card was purchased I received an e-mail confirmation that my order was received and would be shipped within 2 business days.  If that isn‘t fast enough for you, some retailers available on CardSwap offer e-codes that are available immediately after purchase.

 Sell Gift Cards will also buy unused Gift Cards from you.  This is perfect for those cards sitting around your house unused and going to waste.  Just enter the details of your gift card and you will receive an offer worth up to 92% of the value of the Gift Card.  CardSwap will then mail you a pre-paid shipping label to send them the gift card.   Once your Gift Card is received they send you a cheque within 2 business days, or should you wish, credit your account with the amount owed.

Build a Wishlist

Since I buy gift cards fairly often I was happy to find that I could build a wishlist on with my favourite merchants.  So now, with my wishlist build, I get notifications when gift cards from my favourite retailers become available.  Also, I was able to setup priority merchants which will allow me to view and purchase my favourite gift cards before anyone else. 

P.S.  I ordered my Gift Card Thursday evening and received it Monday morning!  Incredibly fast service.

I was provided with the above mentioned products in order to facilitate my review, but as usual this is a personal blog and all thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and m own.


  1. Nicole Marie says

    I would love to win the Tim Horton’s card for a dear friend of mine who has been going to the hospital here for cancer treatments so that she can stop by Tim Horton’s in the hospital and get herself a nice treat whenever she has her treatments

  2. Jeannie says

    I would give my husband a Timmy’s card because he’s a huge timmy lover and can’t go into the office without a visit to Timmy’s first.

  3. Kevin L says

  4. julie G says

    I think grocery cards to a friend in need or winners card to a friend is indeed are always welcome :) I would gift the card to my bestie. I guess I’d get her both!

  5. Anonymous says

  6. fredamans says

    I’d go for a Boston Pizza card, though for whom is unknown… it would be a gift for either my sister or brother.

  7. stacey dempsey says

    oh my daughter would love a winners card and my son a subway card and my other son a tim hortons card lol there are so many we would love

  8. Maegan Morin says

    I would choose Walmart for my sister because I have no idea what to get her for christmas and they have everything 😀

  9. Belinda M says

    I would love to get a tim hortons gift card for my boyfriend so he can use it to grab coffees on his way to work!@

    belinda mcnabb

  10. ksceviour says

    I would like Shoppers Drug Mart,and I would give it to myself :)
    I shop there regularly so it would come in handy.

    (Karla Sceviour on rafflecopter)

  11. Katy Emanuel says

    I would get myself a chapters/indigo gift card since it has been a long time since I treated myself to a new book

  12. amyorvin says

  13. Jennifer Barata Allen says

  14. says

    Home Depot. We just bought our first house and there is a never ending list of things that leak or squeak and make my knees weak with the threat of breaking down.

  15. says

    I am torn between Chapters and Old Navy. I LOVE Old Navy’s comfy PJS and lounge pants and shirts, but I also ADORE reading! What would totally rock would be getting both, and being able to curl up with a great book while I am dressed in my new comfy O.N pjs! LOL
    Yes, I live in a fantasy land 😉

    And I’m going to be selfish this year , and keep the card for myself, since only my 4 boys will be getting gifts this year (thanks to my hubbys lay off last week :( It would be nice to shop for myself for a change too, without feeling guilty, and wanting to return the products soon as I get them home..because I felt bad for spending money on myself.
    Oh the joys of motherhood! (lol)
    -I am also a follower of yours on Facebook-

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