Painted Pumpkins make an easy Fall Craft

Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations

These Painted Pumpkins were inspired by an article in the October 2012 issue of Chatelaine.  I love the colours I used but you can use colours that compliment your home decor.  This is such a pretty and modern take on a Fall decoration and is such an easy and really an inexpensive craft.

Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations

All you need to get started are miniature pumpkins, paint (I used acrylic but you can always use leftover wall paint), and brushes. 

Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations

I found some Baby Boo pumpkins at my local grocery store for $4 which is super cheap considering how much you can spend buying pre-made fall decorations.

Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations

I started by giving the first pumpkin one coat of the paint (except the bottom) and then allowed to completely dry.  I then gave it one more coat and then got the bottom.  Done!  How easy was that?

Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations
Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations

I wanted to make a plaid one for my kitchen.  I had a dark lime green, a light lime green and a yellow to make the pattern. It turned out alright but I definitely prefer the look of the solid colours.

Painted Pumpkins Pretty Fall Decorations

How pretty are these? 


  1. says

    The drought pretty much took care of my garden this year, except for the zucchini, squash and tiny pumpkins… My 12 yr old daughter has been painting them with checks and polka dots, and argyle and toile patterns when she feels more brave.. we even painted some tiny zucchini… she put wings on them so they looked like dragonflies.. :)

  2. Loren says

    This is a great idea, Possibly take it a sep further by gluing ribbon for strips! There are so many options there

  3. Jennifer A. says

    I love the idea of painting pumpkins! So much easier to do with the kids! & so much easier to do in general! I always get frustrated carving pumpkins; and I think these painted pumpkins will display much better always! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Paula Huie says

    I love this idea, especially for younger children who can’t carve pumpkins!
    It gives them the freedom to be creative by themselves.. which is important (and safer) for 2 year old independence lol

  5. KD says

    I love the pink one–what a great shade! I hadn’t thought of painting colours in a single shade (as opposed to painting a face on one).

  6. Kristina Hansen says

    These look great! I saw a couple this year that were painted and I commented on them. Definately something to remember for next year. Glow in the dark paint would work great as well!

  7. Anne Taylor says

    My mom used to have wee gourds all over the house! I loved their funky shapes but never thought of painting them! I think I’ll be doing this with my grandkids soon; how much fun!

  8. jessica s says

    awww these are so pretty and perfect for the little ones that can’t use the knives yet – great idea, using next yr for sure!

  9. Tara Berke Torres says

    The possibilities are endless with this one. I also love that you won’t have all the goop from cutting into the pumpkin.

  10. Cheryl MacPhail says

    We painted pumpkins for our wedding. Everything that would sit still long enough got painted silver = super deco and cheap :)

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