An Update on our Journey

I thought I would write an update as to our progress with cloth diapering.  

When I started with cloth Keira had a few stubborn dry sore spots on her back where the disposable diapers were rubbing her skin as well as a slight diaper rash.  We were also experiencing almost daily blow outs which once resulted in me getting poo in my hair.  I have no explanation for the poo in my hair, it was just that bad.
We are still using disposables every other day just to get through the huge box I had already in her size but I can’t wait to get through it and be done!

The spots on her back are nearly cleared up and although we are still struggling with diaper rash it nearly disappears on the days we use cloth so I can only assume once we go full time it will no longer be an issue.

As far as blow outs?  What blow outs!  We’ve had some near misses with poo collected at the elastic at the back or legs but no leakage at all!  This is amazing because getting poo stains out of her cute little clothes is not high on my list of things I love to do.

Her dad is even on board with the cloth diaper changes now!  The first time she pooed when he was on duty I had to show him how to deal with it but now he has no issues.  This is a major breakthrough coming from the guy who told me he wouldn’t touch a cloth diaper!

So all in all, I would say so far that our cloth diapering experience has been extremely positive so far!

I also have some exciting news!  I’m working on a review for including an item not yet in production!  Cool right? LilHelper is a Toronto based Cloth Diaper company who are taking on an amazing initiative with their Baby Do Good program.  As a sneak peak to the review I can tell you I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the products I received as well as just how friendly they are!  Make sure you come back and check out the review to learn more about this great Canadian company!

Can you figure out which of these products is still being tested?


  1. Grace says

    This sounds like a wonderful program and I know how you feel about disposable diapers. Some are really bad and it is expensive. Looking forward to reading the review.

  2. AdventuresFrugalMom says

    unfortutaly I am past the staege of cloth diapers but I am glad that you found a company that was willing to give you a review.

  3. Marina@EBMR says

    My son has two dry spots that never seem to bother him.Always wonder what they were. He’s done to diapers only in the night but I have to see how to switch to cloth for the night.Thanks for sharing

  4. Marci says

    Cloth diapering is GREAT! I used cloth diapers with Monster and it cuts down on the rashes!! When I enrolled him in daycare, I had to switch back to diapers/pullups because they didn’t do cloth, but he’s now out of daycare. I can’t wait to see what the new product is!!! I will be following closely!

  5. Caryn B. says

    I so wish I could have cloth diapered….we try to be eco-minded in as many areas as possible but this was one thing we didn’t do….love reading your updates!

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